Monday, December 12, 2011

Preview #1: The Contestants

The premiere of Clash of the Houses is only two weeks away, so I've created a preview of our eight contestants to get you excited! They are currently not available for download, but I may decide to upload them later. This is just a few sentences about each of them; in-depth interviews will be released after the premiere. Enjoy!

Clash of the Houses: The Contestants

Our first contestant is 19-year-old Maddie Swafford. Maddie has experienced life in the fast lane before - as a former tennis champ and successful pop singer, Maddie's more than prepared for the paparazzi. However, what she really wants is to get away from the spotlight and settle down in a small town.

Blair Jenner, a 17-year-old party girl, is not your average blond. While this lively young teen loves to have fun and shop, she's also a graduate of Harvard. Finishing high school at the astounding age of 13, Blair was well on her way to success. Despite her advanced intelligence, she is still treated as the baby in every situation, and her goal is to show the world that she's more grown up than they think.

Marisol Gonzalez, 22, grew up in Mexico, a country rich with culture. She loves doing art because it reminds her of her abuela, who died when she was only 7. Her grandmother loved painting, and taught Marisol all about color and shapes and different kinds of artwork. Today, Marisol paints for a living. She also loves children and hopes to raise a big family.

Our last girl is the sweet and funny Eliza Nicholson, age 19. Eliza is a woman of many talents; she enjoys cooking, gardening, and sculpting. She loves working with things that come from the earth, be it food, plants, or clay. Eliza's parents loved the outdoors, and the positive attitude towards nature grew on her.

Sebastian Wang loves his music. This 20-year-old musician can already play electric guitar, string bass, and is polishing up on his drums skills. He hopes to one day master all the musical instruments, and from what we've heard, that shouldn't be too hard!

Derrick Brandt is a true jock. At age 24, he has already competed in soccer tournaments around the world and is currently learning martial arts. Sports are his game, but he also enjoys photography in his spare moments, yet there is rarely a time when Derrick isn't working out.

Cyrus Harrell, 21, is a misunderstood inventor and adventurer. In high school, he was always teased for having erratic ideas and his peers thought his interest in Egyptian tombs was dorky. Cyrus has had much success in tomb raiding, bringing back rare artifacts for local museums, but he has yet to complete an invention.

As a child, Devon Wilder's parents forced him into sports, hoping he'd become the star athlete that his father failed to be. However, Devon's real interest was in art, and he had a secret stash of painting materials in his bedroom. Today, he has grown distant from his parents in his effort to become the person he wants to be. He's hoping to find a woman that is completely supportive of his hobbies, and they'll raise a family the right way.


I hope you enjoyed this short preview of the contestants! Do you have a favorite in mind? Let's hope that he or she gets enough votes to make it to the end!

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